Leadership from the Sodexo Buffalo offices contacted me in search of an affordable solution to help provide a safer workplace for their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. This solution would also provide more privacy post-pandemic, a common complaint of open office spaces. I examined available offerings and researched materials to serve as the wall structures. I knew that designing custom hardware was necessary for support and mounting. There were other companies submitting designs to solve the problem with commercially available products. The management team was judging how the proposed solutions fit with the existing office environment as well as its strength and durability.

The building is three floors, 120,000 square feet and houses 600 employee workstations. I was responsible for design, engineering solutions, materials acquisition, and installation. Due to global shortages I experienced raw materials delays. All materials were sourced locally, including fabrication of the custom aluminum hardware. All hardware was finished with clear anodizing for long-term protection.

Polycarbonate workspace extensions.

Two employees interacting in the office with workspace extensions installed.

Custom movable extension panel support.

Custom movable extension panel support with clear anodization.

3-way top connector.

Custom 3-way top connector to secure the junction of “T “configuration.