My function in digital marketing is multi-fold, but most important is getting the best results for my clients. This means targeting the right people in the right places at the right times. Several tools help me achieve the results I get. Design is also important. After all, you must speak the same visual, written, and auditory languages as your target audience.

Ski Yard Social Posts

powder skier
Woman skiing fast -
Ski racer - is an online seller of fine ski equipment. These are some visuals used in their social presence. While I posted on multiple channels, I am displaying Instagram for cohesion.

Woman skiing powder -
skier skiing at sunset -
skier launching on jump -

Riverside Federal Credit Union

Black man balance transfer - RFCC
Child and car, save money - RFCC
Asian women, vehicle loan - RFCC

This campaign was to promote membership growth before a merger and renaming. The campaign grew new membership by 6%.

Man looking up, Visa balance transfer - RFCC
Frog, Daylight Savings - RFCC
Man. car loan - RFCC

Knives of the North

Wood Jewel Knife on Log
Wood Jewel knife on black shale
Stromeng Samekniv 8

Knives of the North is an online retailer of handmade Scandinavian knives. The business was a start-up and through using Google ads, Amazon, and social media, the business grew rapidly in its first year and continues to do so.

Roselli UHC Special
Wood Jewel Bear Black
Marttiini Wild 13
River Traders Birds Beak
Brisa Big Muck
Ahti Leuku
Jarvenpaa Scout Large
Ahti Leukeu 2

EM Pretty Cosmetics

Two diverse models against dark background
Three diverse models in from of white backdrop

EM Pretty was a startup cosmetics line with a focus on quality ingredients and a unique formulation with anti-aging properties. To create a cohesive brand, I updated their existing website and created social media campaigns that were regionally focused. Campaign content was regularly posted on Pinterest as well. By engaging key influencers, we had good exposure on YouTube resulting in sales.

EM Pretty eyeshadow and blush again old brick wall and concrete floor
Three diverse models in front of a purple backdrop
Three diverse models sitting on orange couch holding up champagne glasses
facebook cover - EM Pretty
Facebook Cover Campaign - EM Pretty


Room Full Of Junk - Got Trash
Wind damage - Got Trash
Truck on snowy road - Got Trash

gotTRASH’s goal was to be number one in Google rankings in a crowded market with minimal spend. By the 7th week, I had gotTRASH? consistently ranking at number 1 in both organic search results and paid ads with a consistent CTR of 11%.